Our Values


Trust is foundational to our work. We exercise trust within our team through frequent candid conversations, seeking advice and feedback from each other, and in valuing every team member’s opinion. We build trust with our grantees through practicing a grantee-centric approach to philanthropy. Every day we strive to enact philanthropy with humility.



Those who know our founder best think of Dick Peery as a servant to those around him. Dick's example defines our purpose of serving our grantees and the communities they work within. Our team demonstrates this in many ways including being responsive to grantee and community requests, prioritizing grantee time constraints whenever possible, and providing thought partnership.



Building true relationships enables us to successfully serve our stakeholders. In a spirit of equity we get to know individuals at organizations, empathize with them, and show appreciation for their hard work. We know when to be serious and when not to be so serious, infusing our inter-personal relationships with laughter and humor.



As Dick Peery built his real estate company he spent time “beating the pavement”, scouting land on foot or motorcycle, visiting with and learning from those he worked with. Likewise, we believe that hard work with real people, away from a desk, can make extraordinary things happen in philanthropy, so we spend a significant amount of time learning from those we seek to serve.



We're optimists when it comes to human potential. Our work is based on the assumption that people can transform their own lives when they have the opportunity. Our grantees are solution oriented and dedicated to spreading solutions and opportunities far and wide. We and they love to root for the underdog. We all firmly believe that hope should be generously available for all.