Our Priorities

The Peery Foundation has three portfolios of grantees: Local, Regional, and Global. We have a variety of different criteria we use to choose our partners in each portfolio. However, they all share an overarching set of values and themes around the people, the idea, and the impact. 

The People: First and foremost we invest in people. This includes the leadership, their team, board, and others who are behind them to succeed. The trustworthiness, experience, commitment level, and entrepreneurial ability of the people involved are probably the most important factors we look to evaluate.

The Idea: We’re concerned with the relative importance of an idea, whether it matters, and if the organization can pull it off. How does the idea compare to other interventions in terms of its cost, scaleability, and impact? We’d like to know how the idea advances a larger vision.

The Impact: We’d like to know what success looks like, and how the organization knows it’s being achieved. What are the implications of achieving success? Does it mean that dozens, thousands, or millions of lives will experience lasting changes for the better? As a funder willing to take risks, we also have an appreciation for things that cannot yet be measured, but hold the promise of great impact.