We’ve Grown to 7


The last year at the Peery Foundation has brought many new ideas, challenges, and successes. To help our team maintain our support to and relationships with our grantees, we’ve brought on two Portfolio Associates--making us 7!

Meet Dominique Amiri (joined May 2018) and Karelli Cabral (joined November 2017). Dominique moved from Washington, DC to join us in supporting our Global Portfolio. Karelli is working with grantees across all of our portfolios and focusing her time on supporting our Local and Regional grantees. While you can learn more about both of them (and the rest of our crew) on our Team Page, we thought we’d share more about them as we’ve gotten to know them, too. 


Meet Karelli

PF: What roles have you played? 
KC:  I’m a generalist at heart. I’ve worked in many environments that have challenged me to understand how my skills fit into moving missions and organizations forward. That can mean one day working on high-level strategy and thinking about big, bold goals, and the next day thinking about day-to-day operations and thinking about growing a team to make it all happen. I’ve also run hiring processes, filed taxes, supported sales managers--the list goes on. At home, I play the role of feeding anyone and everyone that walks through the door, and always wondering what’s next. 

PF: What motivates you? 
KC: Feeling connected to the work, whether I’m personally connected or working on an issue that is critical to where I’m living. I want to feel that what I’m doing is making a difference for more than just myself. Because I’m a very goal-oriented person, I’m also motivated by plans and being able to understand how we’re moving forward, where we’re stalled, and what could make that better. 

PF: What are you most excited about in joining the Peery Foundation? 
KC: I’m most excited about three things. First, being a new transplant to the Bay Area, better understanding the chronic social issues here and what role different individuals or sectors of our community can play in making it a better area for all. Second, having the opportunity to work with a small team that is really excited about the work we do and is open to listening, looking for ways to challenge ourselves internally, and try new things. Third, experiencing a culture that prioritizes well-being and being able to model that for myself and advocating that the social entrepreneurs and community leaders I get to work with experience the same. 

PF: Now for the speed round questions! Introvert or extrovert?
KC: Introvert 

PF: Dogs, cats, or neither?
KC: Both! 

PF: Morning or night? 
KC: Morning 

PF: You get a surprise day off. What do you do?
KC: Hike, cook, and sleep. 


Meet Dominique

PF: What types of places have you worked? 
DA: I have worked and interned at nonprofit, global development, professional services, and philanthropy consulting organizations. My experience at nonprofits made me aware of the pains nonprofits take to prove to funders that their good work is worthy of financial support. My later work in philanthropy consulting taught me about the strategic questions foundations grapple with, and the many priorities they can have outside of grant making. Having worked with both grant-seeking and grant-making organizations, I’m so glad the Peery Foundation aims to practice grantee-centric philanthropy while also valuing essentialism. 

PF: What are traits from your parents/caregivers that you want to carry on?
DA: I would like to carry on my mom’s empathy and ability to treat everyone like they’re her best friend; and my dad’s inquisitive nature and willingness to continue learning throughout life. 

PF: What are you most excited to learn at the Peery Foundation? 
DA: I’m excited to learn about our global grantees’ approaches to addressing poverty. I’d like to learn more about the cultural and political contexts in which our grantees work so I can fully appreciate what life is like for them. Separately, having moved to the Bay Area from DC, I’m already adapting to a more laid-back work environment. Until a couple months ago, Slack was foreign to me and I spent the majority of my work time reading and writing emails - hopefully I’ll discover more West Coast efficiencies to bring to my work! Finally, I’m new to working at a “flat” organization, so I’m excited for the opportunity to think about professional growth differently within a non-hierarchical structure.

PF: Now for the speed round questions! Introvert or extrovert?
DA: Varies day by day.

PF: Dogs, cats, or neither?
DA: Dogs (but I like cats too)!

PF: Morning or night? 
DA: Neither? I treasure sleep.

PF: You get a surprise day off. What do you do?
DA: Sleep in, call grandparents, explore a new neighborhood in San Francisco to get to know my new home better.