Getting on the Same Page

By: Avani Patel

At a recent conference (yes, another one! I get inspiration talking to grantees that attend), I met the leader of an educational non-profit in New Orleans. After about 5 minutes of conversation, he cut straight to the chase, “Okay, so what is it that you all [read: funders] want to see from us?” He was talking generically, trying to get a sense of what funders in place-based work are looking for in non-profits. After reflecting on the conversation, I’m left with several questions I invite you to share your opinions on:

  • What is the overall goal of a place-based educational non-profit?
  • How do educational non-profits in place-based work message what they’re doing?
  • What are particular practices (note, this is different than programs) your org does to help reach the overall goal?
  • How can funders move to better understand the work of non-profits?