Why Blog?

By Jessamyn Lau

Dave just informed me we are launching our blog. There’s a slight twinge of panic, as I think about the expectation to verbalise something different or new or interesting about what we or I do each week. But mostly I’m excited.

One of the reasons I moved to CA to work with the Peery Foundation is that I knew every day would be different. Now you’ll get to hear a little of that. From the scintillating details of how we’re customising and adopting our Salesforce platform, to the unforgettable moments when I realise I’m working with my heroes on a day to day basis.

We’ll try to always be frank and straight forward. Let us know how we do on that, and do tell us if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about from the perspective of a young, and still very much learning, foundation. There’s no agenda here, except to tell our story in the hope that it’s either useful, amusing or inspiring for you. Enjoy!