We grew!

By Jessamyn Lau

Last month we brought on a new team member, Avani Patel (pronounced Av-ni). Avani is our Local Portfolio Director and will be building our work in East Palo Alto focused on educational outcomes.

Here’s some of what we’re excited about in having Avani as part of our team: - She came directly from the Ravenswood City School District, where her previous position was as Academic Dean of Costaño and the 49ers Academy. She has experience in the district, first hand (and she’s also a huge 49ers fan!). - Avani has worked both as a teacher and in roles to support teachers—she gets the classroom, inside and out, day-in, day-out. - As she’s learning about her new role and our work, one of her favourite questions to ask organisations is “what’s working and what’s not working in your relationships with your funders?”. It’s been great to see Avani asking this question and reminding us all to think about how to improve. - She’s not afraid of the ambiguity that sometimes accompanies our work. We’ve already seen her dive in to research, conversations and meetings so that she can sort through the disparate opinions and ideas of what is needed and how we should operate. - And finally, Avani can listen, really well. We LOVE that.

We hope you get to meet Avani at some point. She’s an asset to the team and will help to push forward the depth and deliberateness of our work in East Palo Alto—thanks, Avani!

In another month we hope/expect to have our Regional Portfolio Director join us, so another intro then…