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Proposed Milestones

Program Delivery

1.     Complete pilot for 100 clients including:

a.     Clients participate in training program

b.     Clients implement training with their families

c.     Partner with 9 community organizations  

2.     Complete R&D on one major aspect of program

3.    Expand to 400 clients 

Organizational Capacity

1.     Key Hires

a.     Program Manager

b.     Development Associate

c.     Financial Controller

2.     Develop accounting process and complete an audit or financial review at year end

3.    Finalize and automate earned revenue payment database

4.     Board Development

a.     Add 1-2 board members with finance, sales or marketing experience

b.     Formalize a volunteer in-country advisory board

5.     Fundraising

a.     Raise $500,000 and develop a pipeline of funders for 2015 to raise $1 million


1.     Measure changes in:

a.     Client participation

b.     Savings

c.     Family follow-up

2.     Put a system in place to measure effect on income from having access to savings

a.     Compare income flows throughout the year between clients, local savings groups and gov’t loan program.