Grantee-Centric Philanthropy

We believe in dignity and self-reliance for the beneficiaries of the organizations we support, and also for our grantees. We're experimenting with, practicing, and encouraging others to adopt a grantee-centric approach to grant making. What do we mean by grantee-centric?

As a team we're developing practices that enable us to demonstrate the following:

Respect: Minimize our time footprint on our grantees; give grantees clear expectations; do what we say we will, when we said we'd do it.

Listening: Seek grantee insights on their work and our work; look to grantees to define what success looks like for them.

Trust: Provide multi year unrestricted funding to people we trust implicitly as experts in their work.

Communication: Maintain clear continuous communication with grantees; articulate in advance what to expect; clarify when grants will end.

Because we don't use proposals in our decision making process, we ask that you refrain from sending us proposals.  This is to prevent organizations taking unnecessary time to create proposals specifically designed for the Peery Foundation. We would rather spend your time and our time on a quick conversation about your work. We aim to give you direct and timely information about whether we might be a strong potential fit for your organization. You can read more about our grantee-centric approach in Dave's article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR). 

We solicit continuous feedback from our grantees. Through the Funder Feedback tool we gather and review anonymous ideas and critique on a quarterly basis. This lets us know if we are maintaining the level of performance and respect our grantees expect of us. It also provides us with specific suggestions of how we can improve grantee-centric practices. Like many of our grantees we're attempting to do a lot with a very small team--we haven't figured out how to do our work perfectly, but we're intent on understanding what they might look like.