Global Portfolio

Please note: We have closed our list of organizations to consider for grants so we have time to better serve our current grantees. We are testing ways to accelerate their work, and we are striving to improve our Grantee-Centric Philanthropy practices.

Collectively, members of the Peery family have spent more than 6 years living and traveling in developing countries. Most of this time has been spent working with the poor in a service capacity. Having witnessed poverty of such a degree, we feel a responsibility to address it at some level. While eliminating global poverty is far beyond the reach of our dollars, we feel that resources invested in the right solutions can go a long way towards reducing and solving the problems of poverty.

In our Global Portfolio, we fund social entrepreneur-led organizations, with multi-year, unrestricted funding across 3 tiers:

Getting To Know You Grants: year-to-year, grants of $25k-$50k to build a relationship with a grantee, experiment with new themes,  and/or test how organizations resonate with the Peery Family. Some but not all will move to Proof of Concept Funding. 

Proof Of Concept Grants: 2-3 years, $100k per year grants for organizations with whom we have a trusted relationship and strong resonance. In some cases we will extend this stage of funding for several additional years. 

Growth & Replication Grants: $1 million over 4 years for organizations from our Proof of Concept Round who have proven their model and are looking to significantly scale and reach a new organizational threshold over the life of the grant. (Note: all recipients must be existing grantees at the Proof of Concept level). 

In addition to funding, we offer thought partnership support if desired.