In our Local Portfolio, our grant making is primarily guided by the community, schools, and school district. We provide both project specific and unrestricted funding in this portfolio.  

In our Regional and Global Portfolios, we fund social entrepreneur-led organizations, with multi-year, unrestricted funding.

As they grow their work, our social entrepreneurs inevitably spend more and more time fund raising--rather than delivering their work. One important way we try to increase the amount of time our grantees spend on program delivery and strategic growth in to provide larger grants as their budgets grow. We have a tiered approach to our funding in both of these portfolios:

Getting to Know You Grants: Organizations receiving a one-year grant of $25k-$50k. These grants allow us to experiment with new themes, build relationships, and/or test how organizations resonate with the Peery Family. Some will move to Proof of Concept Funding. 

Proof of Concept Grants: Organizations who have received an investment of $100k+ to reach proof of concept and begin replication.

Growth & Replication Grants: Organizations who have received a $1 million grant over 4 years to invest in scaling their already proven model (note: all recipients previously in Proof of Concept level). 

Not all pilot grants will move to proof of concept grants. Not all proof of concept grants will advance to growth grants. Continued funding is dependent on strong continued alignment of Peery Foundation and grantee priorities, and maintaining a significant level of confidence in the organization's leadership and capabilities. 

Throughout our funding relationship, we are involved at the level to which we can be useful. If a grantee can benefit from our involvement, we'll roll up our sleeves. If they've got it figured out, we're hands off and cheer them on from the sidelines. We believe any funder should know when to "lead, follow, or get out of the way!" Read more about our Regional and Global Portfolios. 

In our Family Giving, we do not have a specific funding strategy. Family Giving encompasses a broad range of the Peery Family's personal philanthropic interests, You can see our Family Giving grants on our Full Grantee List.