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2390 El Camino Real, Suite 260
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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Please note: We have closed our list of organizations to consider for grants so we have time to better serve our current grantees. We are testing ways to accelerate their work, and we are striving to improve our Grantee-Centric Philanthropy practices. For more information, please read our blog post about how we came to this decision.

Because we don't use proposals in our decision making process, we ask that you refrain from sending us proposals.  This is to prevent organizations taking unnecessary time to create proposals specifically designed for the Peery Foundation. We would rather spend your time and our time on a quick conversation about your work. Before calling, take a look at our focus and funding priorities in the Local, Regional, or Global portfolios. We aim to give you direct and timely information about whether we might be a strong potential fit for your organization. 

(Last updated: August 26, 2019).