Advisory Board

Currently, the Foundation is reorganizing our Advisory Board. We have been lucky to count on a broad network of amazing friends and advisors. This trusted and experienced board of advisors has been kind enough to offer up their time and talent to help guide our work. As a small organization, we have relied on the expertise and ideas of others, and this group of individuals has played a particularly vital role, informing the direction and strategy of the Foundation.

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Chris Balme was CEO of Spark, a non-profit he co-founded and built into a national organization to improve student success in middle and high school from 2004-2013. He is now working on his new venture. Chris received degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business.

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David Bornstein specializes in writing about social innovation. He is the founder of Solutions Journalism Network, which recognizes rigorous reporting that investigates credible responses to social problems. David grew up in Montreal, Canada and now lives in New York City with his family.

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Anne Marie Burgoyne is a Managing Director at the Emerson Collective where she funds and supports non-profit and for-profit social entrepreneurs. Previously, Anne Marie was a Managing Director of the DRK Foundation where she made early-stage grants to high-growth, high-impact social entrepreneurs.

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Martin Burt is the Founder and CEO of Fundacion Paraguaya. He is currently working on his PhD and developing the “poverty stoplight” methodology, which allows poor families to self-diagnose their level of poverty and develop a customized plan to overcome not only income-poverty, but multi-dimensional poverty.

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Ben Crockett is a Founding Partner of Peery Partners, a private investment firm headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, where Ben manages the general operations of the firm and is responsible for various aspects of the business. Ben lives with his wife, Mandi, and their two children, William and June, in Danville, CA.

Jane Leu is the Founder and CEO of Smarter Good, an Ashoka Fellow, and a serial social entrepreneur. A 20 year veteran of the social sector, her credits include Founder/former CEO of Upwardly Global, Interim Executive Director of Ashoka U, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Fellow, and the John F Kennedy New Frontier Award. 

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Renu Nanda has over 14 years of experience working with foundations, government agencies, and in the field of early childcare and education. She served on the board of the Ravenswood Education Foundation for over three years before becoming the Executive Director in August, 2011. Renu has a JD from Boston University School of Law.

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Bill Somerville is the President and Founder of the Bay Area based Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. Somerville brings over 50 years of experience in non-profit work, including 17 years as Executive Director of the Peninsula Community Foundation. Bill also authored Grassroots Philanthropy: Field Notes of a Maverick Grantmaker in 2008.

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Sean Stannard-Stockton is the Director of investments at Ensemble Capital Management and oversees the firm’s services for foundations and philanthropic families. From 2006 through 2012, Sean authored the informative and influential Tactical Philanthropy blog. 

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Andrew Youn started One Acre Fund in 2006. Andrew graduated from Yale magna cum laude, is a former management consultant, and received his MBA from Kellogg School of Management. Andrew co-founded the program in Kenya with John Gachunga, and now lives in Rwanda.

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